Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to send my files?

The best way is to send us files with complete instructions via e-mail. If your files are too large to email you can use a service such as Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or one of the many free sevices online.

If you email in your file, please give us some time to get back to you. It takes time to look over your file, consider your request, calculate pricing etc. At that point we’ll reply with any questions, clarifications or whatnot. Please avoid calling immediately after sending your file – odds are good we haven’t looked at it yet.

Do you accept USB keys or CDs?

If necessary you can bring in a key with your files on it. (CD or portable hard-disk as well) We have a public computer you can use to transfer over the files. If possible though send your files electronically via e-mail or an on-line transfer service like dropbox.

What are bleeds? What about pieces? And margins?

In the print world a “piece” is basically a thing with something printed on it. It could be a business card, postcard, flyer, greeting card, booklet, etc.

If you want something printed with colour (or black) going right to the edge then you want full bleed. To make that happen, your file needs some extra “stuff” that gets cut off called overbleed. Checkout more info here.

Margins are basically the clearance from the edge of your sheet to important content inside. Anything like text, images, colour etc that you don’t want to be cut off needs margin space next to it. Checkout more info here.

What file formats do you accept?

You are best sending us PDF documents, although high-resolution JPEGs and other image formats are okay too. Please do not send your working files, such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), DOC (Microsoft Office), PSD (Photoshop), INDD (In-Design). These are difficult to work with and should be converted to PDF where possible. (or high-resolution image where appropriate)

What resolution do you print?

Our machines will reproduce images at 300 dpi. You should send your images at 300 dpi where possible. It’s okay if your images are higher resolution, but know they get down-sampled to 300 dpi when they go to print.

Do you accept walk-in traffic?

We accept walk-in traffic, but please understand that we can’t guarantee that we can print your job while you wait.  It’s always best if you can send in your file electronically ahead of time. That gives us a chance to attend to your job as the schedule permits.

Do you have a fax machine?

We don’t have a fax line, but the nearby post office in Jackson Square has a fax.